Full Audiobook Production

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  • 1 hour
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Hire Dylan to professionally narrate and fully produce your audiobook project. This service includes: * Voice Recording * Audio Editing * Split Chapters * Additional Proofing and Editing * Professional Audio Mixing * Retail Sample * Audio produced to mainstream audiobook publisher's exacting standards * Directed sessions available for an additional fee * Pick-ups needed due to narrator error included in your quote * Minor and Major pickups at additional fee (This is beyond normal pickups to correct minor errors. For example, if an author were to re-write a scene in the book, necessitating recording new or vastly modified material.) * Digital Delivery * Compatible with ACX, Audiobooks Unleashed, Findaway Voices, and virtually all other audiobook production and distribution firms. Please note that the price quote will be based on the industry-standard Per Finished Hour (PFH) basis, and a three hour (or 33,000word) minimum is required. Please contact me for PFH rates.

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Orlando, FL, USA